Capacity: 12 000 bottles per hours.
Bottles shapes 1L and 0,5L.
Filling volume is adjustable up to 2 L – change of the volume would need to change bottle design.
Working hours: 3,500
Condition: Excellent

Able to fill the following products:

– Plain milk, flavoured milk, fruit juices, tea – used to fill cream with fat content 33%
– Pulp, pith – max. 10%, no fibres
– Particles 2x2x2 mm, possible to squash, no cores
– Filling temperature – 20°C
– Content of CO2: 0,0 g (no sparkling water – or would require upgrade of filler)
– Foaming – no or low foaming (highly foaming product are possible to fill with decreased performance)
– Filling accuracy – according to Gauss curve: Sigma=1,5ml at 500ml, 2ml at 1 000ml

Product’s shelf life (approved by external laboratory):  7 months.

This is complete PET filling line which includes the following machines:

– Blowmoulder
– Injector
– Rinser
– Filler
– Capper
– Checkmat
– Process control system
– Sleevematic
– Shrinkmat
– Modulpal
o Support systems
▪ Conveyors
▪ Hygienic center
▪ Sterile water machine
▪ CIP unit


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4 Thoughts on “KRONES Aseptic Filling Line for Milk Products”

  • We are a new food company in bagdad/ Iraq.
    We are interested in aseptic full automatic PET line for milk and flavored milk.
    Size ( 0.2-1 ) liter
    Capacity 15000 b/h
    Down stream:all machines
    Processing:all machines
    Uper stream: all machines
    Utilities: all machines

    Best Regards
    Eng. Nidal Awad

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