PET Water Bottling Line – 42,000 BHR

Complete Used PET Water Bottling Line with Capacity 42,000 BHR, based on 500ml Containing:

a) Blow Moulder: SIG Corpoplast Blowmax
b) Preform loading system: M.Tanner
c) Chiller: BERG
d) Bottle Unscrambler: Lafranchi
e) Conveyor system and Accumulation table: Descon
f) Reverse Osmosis system (R.O.): Ozocan
g) Cap Feeder: SIDEL
h) Filler/Capper (Bloc): KRONES
i) Labeller (Bloc): KRONES
j) Case Packer
k) Palletizer and pallet conveyors
l) Pallet Wrapper
m) Bellis Morcom/Gardner Denver HP Air Compressor


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2 Thoughts on “PET Water Bottling Line – 42,000 BHR”

  • Hi
    This is Mr. KAYAALP Veysel from Netherlands. What is buildingyear of your line? IS your line good to Turkey?
    Do I have possibility for filling different sizes (0,2-0,5-1-1,5L)? Is opening 32 mm?
    Best regards
    Mr. KAYAALP Veysel
    De Doorzetter BV
    Woerden- Netherlands
    t/whatsapp: +31615185787

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