The filler is designed for filling of edible oil in PET bottles and closing with plastic press-on caps. The machine uses most advanced technology for measuring of exact weight when filling. The filling is done through a special valve, creating soft laminar product flow which results in high speed of filling with very precise flow control. New Machines for Edible Oil Filling

Bottles material: PET
Bottles shape: cylindrical
Caps: plastic press-on type; one size

as of 1.0L
max. 24 000 BHR
Range of dosing: 200 – 2000 g

Filling method: by weight New Machines for Edible Oil Filling

Precision of dosing: ± 1.5 g

Cap diameter: 28 mm

Diameter of the bottles: 50 – 114 mm

Supply: 400/50/60 V/Hz

Installed power: 14.5 kW


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  • Dear Sir,
    Would you please provide us information about this line such as Brand, year of manufacturer and more details about this line that dismantling and country it is there?

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