nitro hotfill block

Nominal bloc output:
18.000 bph related to the 0,5l bottle
11.000 bph related to the 1,5l bottle

Product-range: Ice Tea and other still products.

Less than 5.000 operating hours.

Built in 2016.

Flash pasteurizer from the local supplier SAP Italia can be included in the scope.

Scope of the Equipment KRONES Nitro Hotfill Block

Filling and packing technology

1. Stretch-blow moulder CONTIFORM 308 PRO, K441131 without chiller and moulds
2. Preform feed unit CONTIFEED RS, K998D14
3. Interior preform cleaning PREJET LINEAR, K436846
4. Bottle filler MODULFILL VFS 1.800-60-94, K322803 without inspection equipment
5. Feed system for caps SORTING SYSTEM, K110206

Third-party machine by Krones

6. Tilting device, K8270VI
7. Container conveyor SYNCO S / Neck-sterilizer, K995TTG
8. Europool cooling tunnel

Third-party machine by local supplier SAP Italia

9. SAP Italia Flash Pasteurizer




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