Used Sidel SBO 20 Universal Aseptic Bottling Line with Capacity of up to 40000 BPH as per 500 ml

Capacity: up to 40,000 BPH by 0.5 LTRS / 28,000 BPH by 1.5 LTRS
Products: fruit juices
Bottle formats: 0.2 LTRS, 0.5 LTRS, 1.5 LTRS, 1.75 LTRS
YOM: 2011

1. SIDEL SBO 20 Universal PET blowing machine
YOM: 2011
Composed of:
▪ preform tipper
▪ preform hopper, unscrambler and infeed rail
▪ Sidel ARS system HP air low consumption
▪ Eco2 oven with 20 heating modules for 38 neck
▪ blowing station for 20 quick change shell molds
▪ Compressor ABC 4HP-4-LT complete but without cooling tower moulds are not included

2. Sidel Rafale air conveyor system from exit Sidel blower to entry Sidel aseptic filler with curves etc
▪ length approx. 250 meters also with full automation & drive and electrical panels.

3. Sidel Sensofill FMA 80/24K BS 13 aseptic tribloc
Composed of:
▪ dual aseptic rinsers
▪ filler with 80 filling valves
▪ Arol 24K capper with 24 capping heads
▪ aseptic UBS
▪ 2x caps feeder Aidlin 24
▪ steril steam generator

4. Heuft controller x2

5. Laser coder Videojet fill height control

6. Labelling machine SACMI Opera 400RF 257/SR for OPP wrap around label with bottle formats tools.

7. Labels Inspection HEUFT labels 360° with ejector

8. Automatic shrink-wrapping machine KHS Kisters PSP 050B for film and tray for shrinked packs

9. Automatic carton packer KHS Kisters WP A-H for wraparound carton

10. Sidel Sorbal complete conveying system for the bottles and packs with accumulation tables + Ecolab lubrification and full automation

11. Palletizer Sidel Roboclumn for palletizing packs and transfer to the wrapping station by pallet conveyors.

12. Automatic pallets wrapping machine Robopack Genesis HS T71 with accumulation on pallets conveyors at exit of the line.

13. Pallets labeller Markem Image 3450

14. CIP room equipment

15. Pre-treatment room:
▪ Tetra Alsafe
▪ Tetra Therm aseptic drink
▪ Tetra Alblend
▪ Solids dissolver
▪ Tetra Almix
▪ 4 tanks Pierre Guérin
▪ 2 pumps for syrup transfer
▪ tank for minorities

Not included in the supply are:
▪ Oil-free LP Compressor for Sidel equipment
▪ LP Compressor oiled service air for downstream line
▪ Utilities, piping, wiring from TGBT to electrical panel each machine
▪ Civil works

Condition: The line is out of production since April 2023, it is in an excellent condition.

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