Sugar Syrup Pasteurization Facility

Sugar Syrup Pasteurization Facility that includes the following component detailed below:

316L stainless steel tank for the solution of 35,000L with 2 horizontal agitators of 11kW.
250 kW IGEFA tubular heat exchanger. It is used to heat the water in the installation.
ALFA LAVAL plate heat exchanger model: CLIP 8-RM. Capacity for 254 L. The function of this exchanger is to pasteurize the sugar.
BEGEROW sterilization filters model: M0440650 (2 units)
316L stainless steel tank with a 300L capacity to pasteurize.
316L stainless steel accumulation tank of 35,000L (2 units)
Fristam centrifugal pumps (2 units).
Installation electrical panels

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