– Year 2000 – Dismantled and available in Barcelona for immediate delivery

– Compact chassis, stripped and painted, equipped with a kingpin (for fifth wheel) for trailer of the central body with tractor.

– Theoretical production of 120 m3 / hour

– Cycles : 3 m3 per weighing

– Group of hoppers: 4 compartments in cross. Total capacity of 40 m3, equivalent to 60 TN.

– Weighing conveyor for aggregates of 6.000 x 600 mm, inclination 0º, 2 motors of 5.5 kW and speed of 1.7 m / s

– 3m3 aggregate weighing hopper per cycle. Suspended by 4 cells of 3,000 kg each

– 9,000 x 650 mm elevation conveyor, 18º tilt, 2 x 7.5 HP engines and 1.7 m / s speed

– Triangular cement silo integrated into the power plant chassis, 25 TN capacity

– 2 screw conveyors at the outlet of the plant, 4.4 m long, Ø 273 mm, inclination of 45º, 75 TN / H, with 10 HP motors each

– Cylindrical scale for cement, capacity of 1,500 kg, suspended by cells of 1,000 kg / each

– 8,870 mm long cement elevation screw, Ø 273 mm, 18º inclination, 90 TN / hour – Cement transfer from cement scale to load hopper

– Pneumatic installation completely revised and in very good condition

– Compressor included

– Water installation with boiler balloon and meter. Lack the water pump

– Electrical installation completely revised and in very good condition

– Complete formulation automaton (2018), brand PROIN with PC and screen – the most common in Spain and reference abroad – With this automaton we can realize about 5000 different formulations, enough to satisfy the different customers – The connectors are new.

– Control cabin 4 x 2.4 m – The cabin is configured inside a container, with toilet and air conditioning – Incorporates electrical cabinet and management unit of the power plant for the load of cement mixer trucks





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