Krones Variojet Multi Bloc Glass Line for Carbonated Soft Drinks with Capacity of 16,000 BPH on 330ml

Capacity: 16,000 BPH on 330ml
Formats: 330ml and 500ml Glass Bottles
Location: Europe

List of Equipment:

• Makro 6 station auto changeover Self-adhesive labeller (Year 2018) Labeller reported being capable of 22,000+ BPH
• Krones Variojet multi bloc (Rinser, Filler, Crowner, Capper) (Year 2002)
• Heuft low/high level rejection system (Year 1997)
• VM systems laning device (Year 2005)
• OCME altair box packer (Year 2015)
• Denwell Carbonation unit (Year 2020)
• Tetra Pak (Tetra plex) plate heat exchanger
• Process Tanks x 2 jacketed stainless steel (12,000 litre)

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