KRONES SIDEL Complete PET Filling Line for Carbonated Soft Drinks and Still and Carbonated Water

18,000 BPH by 1.5 LTRS
25,000 BPH by 0.5 LTRS

Neck finish: PCO 28 – 1810
Products: Carbonated Soft Drinks and Still and Carbonated Water
Packaging: PET bottles – shrinked into foil
Palletizing: automatically
Electric: Siemens S 7

The KRONES/SIDEL Complete PET Filling Line is Composed of:

1. Blowing machine Krones Contiform S 16
YOM: 2002
with air recovery system
including preform feeding system

2. Air conveyor Sidel
YOM: 2001

3. Tribloc Sidel/Alsim 100 / 140 / 20
YOM: 2001
with 100 rinsing stations, 140 mechanical volumetric
filling valves and 2 head Arol plastic screw capper
including cap feeding system Meyer

4. Mixer GEA
YOM: 2001

5. Complete bottle conveyor system GEBO
including conveyor lubrication system

6. Labelling machine Krones Contiroll
to label OPP labels from the roll by hot glue
YOM: 2003

7. Shrink packer and heating tunnel Krones Variopack
YOM: 2007

8. Handle applicator Twinpack
YOM: 2001

9. Palletizer Krones/Kettner
YOM: 2000
including pallet magazine
including pallet transport system
including pallet shrinking system

The line is in a top condition and can be inspected during production.

Availability: March 2023

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