KRONES Ferrum Can Filling Line with Capacity of 30,000 CPH for Beer and CSD
Can DepalletizerTranspak2006SIEMENS S7 30036,000 CPH
RinserTrantech Hysek199836,000 CPH
Fresh pasteurizerArsopi2006SIEMENS S7 300150 HL/H
Beer buffer tankArsopi200689 HL
Can fillerKrones1997SIEMENS S7 150036,000 PPH
Lid magazineNSM Magnettechnik199836,000 PPH
Lid seamerFerrum1997SIEMENS S7 150060,000 PPH
Filling inspectorKrones199730,000 PPH
Can turnerPegas
WarmerKrones1998SIEMENS S530,000 PPH
Filling inspectorKrones
Can turnerPegas
Tray+foil packaging machineSMI LSK30T2005SMITEC COSMOS 200030 C/H
MultipackerKisters1993Schneider PACDRIVE
100 C/H
EAN codes printerVideoJet
PalletizerH&K – KHS1991SIEMENS S530,000 PPH
Pallet magazineKetner1981
Wrapping machineHaloila2006SIEMENS S730 P/H
Label applicatorInterex201730 P/H
Pallet liftSchonau200850 P/H

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