Glass Bottle Filler Ortmann + Herbst with Capacity of 38,000 BPH as per 250 ml for Still and Carbonated Water, Carbonated Soft Drinks

YOM: 1990

Filling product: still and carbonated water, carbonated soft drinks

Capacity: 38,000 BPH as per 250 ml

100 filling valves, 15 head Adelski aluminum screw
capper and 15 capping heads
Running direction: from right to left
Pitch: 115
Electric: SPS Siemens S5

including complete safety-housing around the machine
including Heuft metal detection system
including Krones Checkmat fill height control system with push-out station, YOM: 2007

The machine is installed and in production until January/February 2024 in a European mineral water company and can be inspected during production.

Complete documentation, manual, spare part list, and electrical documentation are available.

The machine is in absolutely top condition.

For more information, contact us.

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