GEA Procomac Combination Aseptic PET Bottling Line with Capacity 36,000 BHR

GEA Procomac Combination Aseptic PET Bottling Line

YOM: 2016

36,000 BHR as per 0.5 LTRS
12,000 BHR as per 1.5 LTRS

Consisting of:

Preform Tilter: GEA Procomac KPTL-1010: 63,000EA/HR
Preform conveyor: GEA Procomac VZT-5063: 63,000EA/HR
Combi Bloc H2O2: GEA Procomac P14427 ECOXIDE
Blowing M/C: GEA Procomac P14420 AIRSTAR[20]
Sterillzation Device: GEA Procomac P14428 ECOFJUX
Filler: GEA Procomac P14421 FILLSTAR FX
Cap Sorter: PESCE SRL P14423 PESCE
Cap Sterilizer: GEA Procomac P14425 STERILCAP
Bottle Conveyors: TIESSE SRL P14434 TIESSE

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One Thought on “GEA Procomac Combination Aseptic PET Bottling Line”

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