Filling Line for Non-Returunable PET-Bottles for Juice & Soft Drinks with Capacity 15,000 BHR

Capacitiy: 15,000 BPH per 0,5L
Equipment: 0,5L PET Bottle & 1,5L Bottle
Product: Juice & Soft Drinks 0-6,5 G/L CO2-Content 15°C-25°C
Closure: Plastic Screw Cap PCO 1810, Neck 28mm & 38mm
Control Unit: Siemens S7

Blow Moulding Machine: KRONES, Contiform II S10
High Pressure Compressor: AF, CE46A5
Rinser: KRONES, Variojet 2.160-60-113
Injector: KRONES, Injektor 1440-40-113
Filler: KRONES, Volumetic VO-DM-PET 60/20-113
Capper: KRONES
Fill Level and Cap Inspection: KRONES, Checkmat, Infrared
Labelling Machine: KRONES, Contiroll 720-15-1
Label Inspection: KRONES, Checkmat
Packer Shrink: Involvo
Handle Applicator: Comag VP400
Traypacker: Meypack

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  • Dear Sir;
    Please I am interesting for your line, please quote me including dismantling and assembling of line and shipments charge CFR Tripoli Libya.

    Best Regards
    Eng. Md. Baz
    Technical Manager
    +218 91 11 76604 (direct & whatsapp)

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