Filling Line for Non-Returunable PET-Bottles for Juice & Soft Drinks with Capacity 15,000 BHR

Capacitiy: 15,000 BPH per 0,5L
Equipment: 0,5L PET Bottle & 1,5L Bottle
Product: Juice & Soft Drinks 0-6,5 G/L CO2-Content 15°C-25°C
Closure: Plastic Screw Cap PCO 1810, Neck 28mm & 38mm
Control Unit: Siemens S7

Blow Moulding Machine: KRONES, Contiform II S10
High Pressure Compressor: AF, CE46A5
Rinser: KRONES, Variojet 2.160-60-113
Injector: KRONES, Injektor 1440-40-113
Filler: KRONES, Volumetic VO-DM-PET 60/20-113
Capper: KRONES
Fill Level and Cap Inspection: KRONES, Checkmat, Infrared
Labelling Machine: KRONES, Contiroll 720-15-1
Label Inspection: KRONES, Checkmat
Packer Shrink: Involvo
Handle Applicator: Comag VP400
Traypacker: Meypack

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3 Thoughts on “Filling Line for Non-Returnable PET Bottles for Juice & Soft Drinks with Capacity 15,000 BHR”

  • Dear Sir
    Is it possible to send details of the line, year of manufacture, condition of the line, and when was the last maintenance?
    The location of the production line and the price
    My greetings

  • Dear Sir;
    Please I am interesting for your line, please quote me including dismantling and assembling of line and shipments charge CFR Tripoli Libya.

    Best Regards
    Eng. Md. Baz
    Technical Manager
    +218 91 11 76604 (direct & whatsapp)

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