Complete KRONES CONTIFORM S24 Water Bottling Line with Capacity of 46000 BHR

YOM: 2007/2008
Capacity: 46,000 BHR
Format: 500ml PET Bottles with 8.5 gram preforms with 26.7mm plastic screw caps
Availability: September/October

Equipment includes:

Tanner Preform Loading System
Krones 24 cavity Blow Molder, model Contiform S24
High pressure air compressor
Lanfranchi Bottle Unscrambler, Model L3-SR-21-27
Krones Airco Air Conveyor
Krones 104 Valve Volumetic Bottle Filler , VODM-PET, 39 Head Capper set on 26.7 mm
Sidel Aidlin model CF2024, Cap Hopper – Cap Feeder
Sonic Air Knife System, 2 knifes appear to be 24” in length
Krones Canmatic 36 Station Hot Glue Wrap Around Rotary Labeler, Nordson Hot Glue
Krones Checkmat Inspection System
Videojet Laser Coder 3320-IP54
Fumex Air Control Extractor System
Stainless Bi-Directional Accumulation Table
Douglas M75 Packer – Shrink Bundler w/ Contour Tunnel, Board Feed, print registration film
Descon full bottle stainless conveyor
Ryson Case Spiral Elevator Case Conveyor, model 1-1300-400-BI-2.25
Overhead Case Conveyor to the palletizer case infeed metering belt
PAI 5250 High Level Linear Palletizer w/ platform, infeed metering conveyor, tier sheet inserter
Full Pallet Discharge Roller Conveyor leading from Palletizer to Wrapper
Wulftec Automatic Pallet Wrapper w/ Infeed & Discharge Pallet Conveyor, model WCRT-200

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