Used Krones PET Aseptic Filling Line

Machine Type:  Used Krones PET Aseptic Filling Line

Manufacturer: Krones, Lanfranchi, Sidel
Model: Various
Year: 2009, 2010
Status: Installed
System Frequency: 60Hz
Condition: Very Good

The Used Krones PET Aseptic Filling Line was initially delivered and installed in 2009. This Krones PET D Aseptic Filling Line is validated for Both Low and High Acid Products. The Aseptic Filling System as a PET-Asept D type with 10-Head Filling Station, 4-Head Foil Seal Station, and 4- Head Capping Station, with Valve/Pump Skid Including (2) Fristam 7-1/2 hp Centrifugal Pumps.

The line also features a Krones 26 Head Bottle Rinser, a Sidel Cap Feeding System, and a Stainless Steel Cap Sanitation System.

Validated for Both Low and High Acid Products

The Used Krones PET Aseptic Filling Line comes with a Sterilization System that consists of a Hydrogen Peroxide Pump/Filter System, with Plexi Glass Enclosure and S/S Back Splash, with Aprox. 56″ L x 31″ W x 75″ H Barrel Enclosure with Hinge Door. The system also comes with a Stainless Steel Vaporization Skid, a Stainless Steel Compressed Air/ Steam Sterilization Skid, and a Terboben Filtration System.


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